New demo data available in MP11

The new demo data is already available in our On Line Demo (link to and it is also now available in MP11  maintenance pack of Openbravo 3 that has been already released.

This is a brand new demo data set that preserves consistency with the previous one, so existing Openbravo users will find it very easy to use it. In particular:

  • The fictional company continues to be F&B International Group, with a subsidiary in Spain and one in the United States.
  • The set of customers and suppliers remain the same.
  • The set of products also remain the same.

The new data set delivers the following main improvements:

  • The transactions have been updated to be in current periods. This makes it easy to demonstrate the reports and analysis capabilities of the product.
  • The data set represents a complete company history, starting with the creation of the company in January 2011, a full year of activity in 2011 and transactions up to the last month.
  • We have setup a process to ensure that the data is always updated and we will continuously update the data set to ensure that there are always transactions up to the last month, simulating regular business activity.
  • The organization structure has been changed so that the consolidation now happens in USD instead of EUR.
  • We have improved the accounting configuration for the US organization and it now includes a fully configured P&L and Balance Sheet.
  • We have improved the sales tax configuration for the US organizations.
  • We have corrected several other incorrect configurations.

Notice that the new demo data is now only available in new Openbravo installations starting from MP11. Existing environments will not be affected and will continue to operate with the previous demo data set.

We are confident that you will find this new demo tool very valuable and we welcome your suggestions for future improvements.

We look forward to continuing growing with you!

One response to “New demo data available in MP11

  1. Al Kendrick

    I would like to see ERP vendors start providing demo sets that have more than 3 customers and 21 products. While a limited amount of data provides a superficial overview of functionality it doesn’t provide the real life user experience of searching for customer’s, products, suppliers, etc. Also, the response time to search 21 records will be exceedingly fast on any platform including my iphone. I want to see how fast your application is with a few thousand records.

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