Warehouse Reservations

We are proud to announce a new collaborative development, sponsored by TDS. This new feature is Warehouse Reservations that will come in MP19 which is planned to be released the 18th of January . This is a great achievement since many partners and end users were asking for this feature

Stock reservations are mainly used to ensure the stock availability when delivering a Sales Order. This functionality is disabled by default and needs to be enable using a preference. Coming with this feature it is also possible to lock stock not related to any Sales Order to avoid its consumption.

The functionality developed comes with two types of reservations:

  1. Pre-Reservation: These are reservations that are not physically in the warehouse but ordered to a supplier and where there is a relationship between the line of the purchase order and a sales order line. Once the purchase order line is received this pre-reservation is automatically converted to a reservation
  2. Reservation: Refers to stock stored in the warehouse that is already reserved by a sales order line

A reservation is always defined by the product that is desired to be reserved but other dimensions can be defined such as the warehouse, storage bin and attribute (i.e Colour, lots, serial number).

Another interesting thing is the possibility of allocating or not the reservation:

  • Allocated stock means that the stock reserved cannot be changed by other stock that also fulfils reservation’s dimensions
  • A Not Allocated reserved stock can be changed at any time by other existing stock but always ensuring that the Sales Order line keeps the reservation

This new functionality tries to cover several flows:

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Purchasing plan (MRP)

Sales Flow

A sales order can be reserved when the document is booked and pending to be delivered. The way to make the reservation is:

  1. Manual: No reservation is generated automatically. So when the order is booked the reservations needs to be done manually selecting the storage bin, attribute, etc
  2. Automatic: The reservation is automatically created and processed, reserving the available stock

For more information visit: Sales Order

Procurement flow

Pre-reservations can also be made from the Purchase Order. Being in the purchase order line there is the possibility of selecting any sales order line pending to be delivered that is waiting to receive the goods in the warehouse. Once the items are received the pre-reservation is converted to reservation and the goods are reserved for that sales order line

For more information visit: Purchase Order

Purchasing Plan (MRP)

When launching the purchasing plan there is now the possibility of making reservations for Sales Order and pre-reservations, that is, create purchase orders linked to sales orders

For more information visit: Purchasing plan

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